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Désinfection d'eau et désinfection en général.


Remplace le chlore traditionell, et est 100 fois plus éficace


Ideal pour des endroits lointains. Votre usine de désinfectant n'importe ou.


Ecologique et sûr.  HOCl est produit par le système imunitaire.


Application multiples. Recherche et support pour vos besoins de desinfection.


Sans l'ajout de produit chimiques dangereux. Production économique


Pour désinfecter l'eau, surfaces, équipements, aliments, mains, plaies.


Du sel, eau, electricité

-L'eau salée est activée para un courrant electrique pour produire un désinfectant

-Le désinfectant SANIFLUID®, est riche en  HOCl (acide hypochloreux)

-SANIFLUID® reste stable au moins 6 mois.

-SANIFLUID® est un désinfectant très efficace (>100 fois plus que  more  OCl-)

-SANIFLUID® entre das les célules par osmose

-Detruits virus,  bacteries et autres microbes

-Elimine et evite la formation de biofilmand prevents biofilm (breeding ground for bacteria)

-Always active

Disinfection examples

-Disinfection of potable water for aircraft

-Disinfection of process water for surface cleaning and cooling towers

-Safe and secure drinking water for all points of usage in the terminal

-Aircraft water tank disinfection

-Water truck tank disinfection

Disinfection advantages

-Energy cost reduction for hot water system due to temperature reduction from 65°C to 45°C (no heat disinfection needed)


-Low investment and operational costs, return on investment within a few years

-Very compact unit, easy to retrofit into existing rooms

-Simple to operate, no hazardous materials involved

-Operating staff does not require hazardous material training or special skills

-According to WHO Standard, DIN 901 and §11 of the Trinkwasserverordnung (German Drinking Water Standard)

-Quality tested and approved by several independent laboratories - proven results at several airports, for an extended period of time.

Frankfurt airport

The problem:

Storage of potable water for aircraft at Frankfurt Airport

Disinfection of the water lines and water trucks

The solution:

Frankfurt airport is using the system for over a decade to disinfect the water that is meant for potable use in aircraft.



To keep within the airline regulations the disinfectant is added at a rate of 0.8-1mg/l free chlorine, even though full disinfection effect can already be reached around 0.1-0.3mg/l.

System employed: Voigtlaender g2000

Conformance: DIN EN 901 (for use in drinking water)

Treated water per day: 150,000 liters

Airplanes handled per day: 1.300 + Tankers employed: 21

Employees:  50

Filling stations: 4


Savings on water and waste water use per year: EUR 150,000 Training for 1500 staff at 2hrs/yr for handling of chlorine gas

3000 hours at EUR  30 = EUR 90,000


Yearly Savings in operational costs: EUR 240,000 

The result:


Fraport AG is saving 26 Mio. Liters of fresh and waste water each year

The fleet of water trucks could be reduced by half

Truck cleaning and disinfection was reduced from 24hrs to 15min per truck

Safety training for staff working around the chlorine disinfection system is not needed anymore (saves 2800 man hours a year)

The health risk of the chlorine gas system has been eliminated




In summary: lower costs, higher workplace safety standard, better for the environment, better quality!

Other airports

These technologies are used in other airports, like Macao and Saarbrücken. With the same objectives: disinfection of water for airport instalations and aircraft. 

airport and aircraft water disinfection
Hotel Pool
Hotels, Pools, Buildings
Challenges for Hoteliers

-Customer satisfaction

-Highest quality from the guest perspective

-Minimizing health risks

Legal Framework

Minimizing management liability

Stricter fulfillment of legal requirements

(Hygiene / Drinking Water)

Return on Investment

 Improvement in occupancy rate

 Significant reduction in operating costs

Sustainable and safe drinking water treatment

-Water with germs (including Legionella, MRSA and Pseudomonas) is completely disinfected

-Existing source of bacterial infections (biofilm) is reliably removed

-Preventing Re-contamination


-The infection risk of guests and therefore the personal liability of the owners will be reduced


-Renovation cost of drinking water infrastructure can be reduced


-Hot water temperature can be reduced from 60-65 °C to 45 °C without hygiene problems

-Significant reduction in energy cost for hot water (20 - 30%) Risk of scalding guests is reduced


-Longer life span of the heating system, plumbing and valves due to lower temperatures

-Lower costs for new construction or renovation (savings of 25 -40%)


-Sustainability can be marketed - "Green Hotel"

Innovative and safe disinfection for swimming pools and spa areas.

-Significant reduction in chlorine use with a better grade of disinfection

-No unpleasant odors - no more red eyes

-Automation ensures hygiene and reduced operating expenses and cost

-Significantly lower cost for disinfection (chemicals)

-Suitable for surface cleaning

-Greater safety for guests and staff

Further applications

-Water disinfection in air conditioning and cooling systems

-Surface disinfection in bathrooms and kitchens

-Laundry Hygiene

-Cleaning of waste water 

-Lakes on Golf Courses

-Water Dispensers

Example: Open Air Swimming Pool 

Replace chlorine gas as means to disinfect baby pools at one of Germany's largest water parks. 

Reduce chlorine content to accepted minimum levels. Reduce THM (carcinogenic by products of chlorine and uric acid) 

The system: 

SANIFLUID® is added directly to the circulating water by means of a dosing pump. All parameters are controlled by a in-line measurement and control system. 

The result: 

By dosing with SANIFLUID® the volume of chlorine present in the water is reduced from 0.6mg/l (previously) to 0.1mg/l without impacting the microbiological efficiency as well as meeting the Swimming pool standards for water quality. The results have been confirmed by the University of Kiel.

Box of Fresh Fish
Food Industry

The system: 

SANIFLUID® is dosed directly into the mains water pipe. The measurement and control system stores the operating parameters for audit purposes. 

The result: 

SANIFLUID® guarantees that water treated conforms to national potable water standards, reduces maintenance and disinfection costs.

Example: Continuous sterilizers

One of the largest producers of canned food in Germany needed to replace the existing cooling water disinfection of the continuous sterilizers. The use of chlorine dioxide had caused major damage (corrosion) in the stainless steel piping infrastructure. 


The mains water in the production facility is disinfected by dosing SANIFLUID® resulting in a concentration of free chlorine of approx 0,6 ppm. The concentration of free chlorine in the 3 sterilizers is controlled by a control hub. On demand,  SANIFLUID® is added to maintain the correct chlorine level. SANIFLUID® is produced centrally and distributed to the sterilizers. All relevant operational data are logged locally and forwarded automatically to the central production and quality control systems. 


Complete automation of cooling water disinfection with minimal use of a on-site produced disinfectant. Complying to the highest safety standards. No corrosion in piping infrastructure.

Empirical evidence: effect of SANIFLUID® after a four week period.
(Bacterial count reduced to almost “0“)
Hospitals and other
medical facilities
Hospitals and clinics

Disinfection of cold water in cooling water loop and removal of biofilm from the system. Very important for hospitals and clinics.

Redox measurement is used to determine the quality of the water in the cooling loop and SANIFLUID® is added in a controlled manner to ensure that the Redox remains within acceptable operating parameters.

The result:

The water after being treated with SANIFLUID® is clear of all microbiological content. Furthermore this water meets the highest drinking water standards for up to 72 hours after treatment. Risks at hospitals and clinics are reduced.


-Very compact unit, easy to retrofit into existing rooms

-Simple to operate, fully automated, no hazardous materials involved

-Operating staff does not require hazardous material training or special skills

-According to WHO Standard, DIN 901  and §11 of the Trinkwasserverordnung (German Drinking Water Standard)


-Quality tested and approved by several independent laboratories. Ideal for hospital water disinfection, general hospital disinfection.


The shelf life of picked produce can be extended if there is a significant reduction in the count of microbes often present in agricultural water. Such  water, and indeed the vegetables themselves,  is exposed to pollutants associated with farming, including feces and urine of the laborers in the field. This is a particularly serious situation in large fields where toilets are not available or far away.  The risks for the transmission of diseases through salads, are consequently a reason for concern. The economic and legal and human consequences of such contamination are extremely serious.


To deal with this all water used in the processing facility is treated with the appropriate amount of SANIFLUID® to eliminate pathogens,  thereby decreasing the bacteriological count. Salad, which is to be consumed raw,  is further treated with SANIFLUID® to reduce risks and to help extend shelf life by reducing bacteriological count.


SANIFLUID® eliminates bacterial contamination in washing machines and water storage tanks. 


-Very compact unit, easy to retrofit into existing rooms

-Simple to operate, fully automated, no hazardous materials involved

-Operating staff does not require hazardous material training or special skills

-According to WHO Standard, DIN 901  and §11 of the Trinkwasserverordnung (German Drinking Water Standard)


-Quality tested and approved by several independent laboratories. 

Free Range Poultry Farm

Disinfection of drinking water,  surfaces and the barn in general, to reduce mortality and improve feed/weight efficiency.

The system:

SANIFLUID® produced on-site is dosed into the water supply fed to the chickens as well as for cleaning.

The result:

CFU content in the chicken drinking water is reduced to "0", less antibiotics, less mortality, better feed to weight efficiency.

Modern Beer Brewery
Beverage industry
The application

Replaces existing disinfection solutions


-Optimizes the cleaning process (3 phases)


-Disinfect with 9-10 ppm HOCl (cold)

-Disinfect with 2 ppm HOCl (cold)

-Rinse with cold water


-Save 100% of external chemicals (caustic soda,



-Save 75% of processing time (90 to 20 minutes) / save water and energy (up to 50%)


-Return on investment in less than 36 months

The filling process hygiene

-Permanently spray 5ppm HOCl during the filling process

-Maintains good filling hygiene for an extended period

-Ensures the safety of the products

-Optimized rinsing

-Foam cleaning with cold water (0.3 ppm HOCl)

-Disinfects with 2 ppm HOCl (cold) -rinsing with cold water (0.3 ppm HOCl)

Reference Design

The system:

-SANIFLUID®  150-180 ppm FAC

-200, 300 and 400 liters of SANIFLUID® / hour 

-Clean in situ (syrup room, tanks)

-Cleaning / spray filling

The result (per plant per year)

Saving in materials (acid, caustic soda, additives): 15,000 euros / year

-Save energy: 500,000 kWh / year, equal to 20,000 euros / year

-75% reduction in cleaning time / and production stops

Cattle at Sunrise
Dairy industry

-Optimizing processes and cost reduction in surface disinfection and CIP

-Cleaning of cooling tower systems

-Enhancement of process water

-Improved milk quality (lower bacterial count)

Surface disinfection / CIP

Savings due to replacement of traditional disinfection chemicals (e.g. Peracetic Acid) with Hypochlorous Acid produced on-site


-Optimization of CIP processes:

Water savings

Energy savings 

Cleaning time savings 

Cold disinfection

-Reducing health risks for employees

-No hazardous material – easy transportation

-Significant improvement of hygiene

-Easy quality control of disinfection results

-Better results at a fraction of cost

-Ecologically safe

-Sustainable production

Example 1: Dairy Israel

Substitution of peracetic acid in several CIP processes

Cost savings of € 230.000 per year for chemicals

Optimization of CIP processes on-going

Example 2: Dairy Germany

Production of yoghurt and pudding

Substitution of peracetic acid in 2 production lines

Cost savings of more than 60% per year for chemicals

Implementation and optimization of CIP processes is on-going

Cleaning of coolant / improvement of process water hygiene

Utilization of the on-site produced disinfection agent to disinfect and clean the drinking and process water


Reducing the existing bacterial count to 0 within a short time


Examples: Dairy in Israel (ice water), (cooling tower disinfection), Milk processors, Germany (process water), Dairy farms Germany (drinking water)

Dairy Farm

SANIFLUID®  produced on-site is dosed directly into the feeding-water supply and into the cleaning system.

Benefits are:

CFU content in barn water (drinking) reduced to “0”

Requirement for antibiotics greatly reduced

Reduced mortality and improved feed to weight efficiency


-Very compact unit, easy to retrofit into existing rooms

-Simple to operate, fully automated, no hazardous materials involved

-Operating staff does not require hazardous material training or special skills

-According to WHO Standard, DIN 901  and §11 of the Trinkwasserverordnung (German Drinking Water Standard)


-Quality tested and approved by several independent laboratories.



Drinking water for aircraft 

Drinking water for aircraft

Drinking water for aircraft 

Salad washing and disinfection

Micro-biological control fresh water 


Drinking water treatment 

Drinking water treatment 

Disinfection applications (potable water) 

Cooling Tower water disinfection 

Disinfection of Process water and cleaning 

Water disinfection for incubators 

Frankfurt International Airport

Macao International Airport

Regional Airport 

Salad Producer 


Cottage Cheese and Yoghurt

Poultry breeding

Poultry breeding

Research and development

Würzburg Hospital

Meat Processing plants

Poultry incubation

Fraport AG,


Saarbrücken Airport 

Mecklenburger Ernte


Tnuva Dairies

Gazit Chicken farm

Millouff Chicken Farms 

University of Iraq

University Hospital

Boecklunder Group

HatchTech B.V.

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