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aircraft airport water disinfection

airports and aircraft

Over the past several years there has been an increase in the frequency and variety of microbial contaminants found in all types of water ranging from drinking water, industrial process water and water used for recreational purposes. Global travel makes airport and aircraft water disinfection critical. 

Water disinfection airports aircraft
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Traditional methods employed to disinfect water include:
SANIFLUID®: How it works
The Sanifluid
Water disinfection and disinfection in general

1-Reduced operating costs

2-Replaces chlorine and is more efficient

3-Free of chemical additives

4-Ideal for remote locations

5-Eco friendly

6-Multiuse, for water disinfection and disinfection in    general


Combining salt, water, and electricity

-Salt and water are activated by an electrical current to produce a disinfectant

-The disinfectant SANIFLUID®, is a HOCl (hypochlorous acid) rich solution

-SANIFLUID® remains stable for extended periods of time

-SANIFLUID® is an extremely effective disinfectant (>100 times more effective than OCl-)

-SANIFLUID® penetrates the cell membrane by osmosis

-Destroys bacteria and virus from within

-Removes and prevents biofilm (breeding ground for bacteria)

-Always active

Disinfection for airports and aircraft
Disinfection examples

-Disinfection of potable water for aircraft

-Disinfection of process water for surface cleaning and cooling towers

-Safe and secure drinking water for all points of usage in the terminal

-Aircraft water tank disinfection

-Water truck tank disinfection

SANIFLUID® Disinfection advantages

-Energy cost reduction for hot water system due to temperature reduction from 65°C to 45°C (no heat disinfection needed)


-Low investment and operational costs, return on investment within a few years


-Depot-effect of SANIFLUID® leads to continuous disinfection of water trucks, airplane tanks and water systems


-Very compact unit, easy to retrofit into existing rooms

-Simple to operate, fully automated, no hazardous materials involved

-Operating staff does not require hazardous material training or special skills

-According to WHO Standard, DIN 901 and §11 of the Trinkwasserverordnung (German Drinking Water Standard)

-Quality tested and approved by several independent laboratories - proven results at several airports, for an extended period of time.

Example:  Frankfurt airport

The problem:
Storage of potable water for aircraft at Frankfurt Airport

Disinfection of the pipelines and water trucks

The solution:

Frankfurt airport is using the Voigtlaender Generator g2000, for over a decade to disinfect the water that is meant for potable use in aircraft.



To keep within the airline regulations the disinfectant is added at a rate of 0.8-1mg/l free chlorine, even though full disinfection effect can already be reached around 0.1-0.3mg/l.

System employed: Voigtlaender g2000

Conformance: DIN EN 901 (for use in drinking water)

Treated water per day: 150,000 liters

Airplanes handled per day: 1.300 + Tankers employed: 21

Employees:  50

Filling stations: 4


Savings on water and waste water use per year: EUR 150,000 Training for 1500 staff at 2hrs/yr for handling of chlorine gas

3000 hours at EUR  30 = EUR 90,000


Yearly Savings in operational costs: EUR 240,000 

Airport water disinfection aircraft disinfection

The result:


Fraport AG is saving 26 Mio. Liters of fresh and waste water each year

The fleet of water trucks could be reduced by half

Truck cleaning and disinfection was reduced from 24hrs to 15min per truck

Safety training for staff working around the chlorine disinfection system is not needed anymore (saves 2800 man hours a year)

The health risk of the chlorine gas system has been eliminated




In summary: lower costs, higher workplace safety standard, better for the environment, better quality!

Other airports

These technologies are used in other airports, like Macao and Saarbrücken. With the same objectives: disinfection of water for airport instalations and aircraft. The results are the same in any utilisation. 

airport and aircraft water disinfection
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters
water disinfection southland waters

DIN 1276 

DIN 1650 

DIN EN 901/ DIN 19643 – Swimming pool Conformance to WHO Standards 

CE Comformance 

MEBAK Band II 2.10.7 

AOX – Test protocol


Fraport AG,

Macao Airport

Saarbrücken Airport 

Mecklenburger Ernte


Tnuva Dairies

Gazit Chicken farm

Millouff Chicken Farms 

University of Iraq

University Hospital

Boecklunder Group

HatchTech B.V.

Frankfurt International Airport

Macao International Airport

Regional Airport 

Salad Producer 


Cottage Cheese and Yoghurt

Chicken breeding

Chicken breeding

Research and development

Würzburg Hospital

Meat Processing plants

Poultry incubation

Drinking water for aircraft 

Drinking water for aircraft

Drinking water for aircraft 

Salad washing and disinfection

Micro-biological control fresh water 


Drinking water disinfection 

Drinking water disinfection

disinfection applications (potable water) 

Cooling Tower water disinfection 

Disinfection of Process water and cleaning 

Disinfection of water for incubators 

water disinfection dairy
water disinfection
water disinfection dairy
water disinfection fish
water disinfection airports aircraft
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection salads
water disinfection cooling systems
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