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Fresh water container system

The FWCS was built to purify up to 30,000 liters of water per day directly from rivers, lakes, or other surface waters.


Using a highly efficient membrane filtration system, the water is cleared of most solids and residues. The subsequent automatic disinfection by SANIFLUID ensures that all viruses, bacteria, parasites and other microscopic life forms are completely eliminated.


The water to be treated is pumped through a submerged pump directly from the water source to the filtration tank.


A vacuum / pressure pump pulls water through the filter membrane and pumps it into the disinfection unit,  and then to the clean water tank. The disinfection unit converts the natural minerals which are present in water into SANIFLUID. The water then, in the clean water tank is ready for safe human consumption,  meeting  WHO standards.


The unit is fully automatic and features a self-cleaning back-wash system that is activated daily.


Only once a week is it necessary to perform manual cleaning by rinsing the filter membrane with citric acid.

The OxiTrailer
 Mobile Water Purification Unit

The OXITRAILER  is a self contained, modular, complete water treatment solution, adapted to specific customer needs. It consists of the disinfection module, the specialized filtration unit,  electrical systems, pump systems, autonomous power generation. It can be custom made in different sizes and capacities in function of the customer's needs.   It is ideal for remote locations and for disaster relief.   

Modular Filtration and Waste Water Systems

DIN 1276 

DIN 1650 

DIN EN 901/ DIN 19643 – Swimming pool Conformance to WHO Standards 

CE Comformance 

MEBAK Band II 2.10.7 

AOX – Test protocol


Fraport AG,


Saarbrücken Airport 

Mecklenburger Ernte


Tnuva Dairies

Gazit Chicken farm

Millouff Chicken Farms 

University of Iraq

University Hospital

Boecklunder Group

HatchTech B.V.

Frankfurt International Airport

International Airport

Regional Airport 

Salad Producer 


Cottage Cheese and Yoghurt

chicken rearing

chicken rearing

Research and development

Würzburg Hospital

Meat Processing plants

Supplier of incubation solutions

Drinking water for aircraft 

Fresh Potable water for airplanes 

Drinking water for aircraft 

Salad washing 

Micro-biological control fresh water 

C.I.P. with AnoFluid 

Drinking water treatment 

Drinking water treatment 

disinfection applications (potable water) 

Cooling Tower water disinfection 

Disinfection of Process water and cleaning 

Disinfection of water for incubators 

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