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HOCl water disinfection
HOCl water disinfection
Water disinfection

SANIFLUID®: Water Disinfection, by Southland Waters. Airports and aircraft, hospitals, hotels, poultry farms, dairy farms, emergency relief. Water disinfection and general disinfection, protecting people and the planet. 

Hospital water disinfection
Airport and Aircraft disinfection
Hotel water disinfection
Salad washing and disinfection
poultry water and carcass disinfection

Why disinfect with SANIFLUID®?


SANIFLUID® is a HOCl (hypochlorous acid) rich solution, for water disinfection and general disinfection.

SANIFLUID® is the definitive solution to waterborne pathogens in water distribution systems. The use of chlorine (in the typical sodium hypochlorite form) as a water disinfectant is declining because of safety, environmental and health considerations. SANIFLUID® has many advantages over other disinfectants.  Categories of analysis include: efficacy, personal safety, taste and odors, impact on equipment and systems, effect on biofilm, residual effects, ease of use, maintenance, cost and environmental concerns. SANIFLUID® brings a new standard of safety to humans and animals by being able to completely eliminate pathogens from water, while also eliminating biofilm, a serious concern for hospitals, hotels, aircraft, ships.

SANIFLUID® has as its main ingredient nature's disinfectant: HOCl. When our skin is wounded, white blood cells release an oxidant, called Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)  to act as a desinfectant. Since HOCl is naturally produced in our body, it’s not only more effective as a disinfectant than many other solutions, but it’s also more effective as a healing agent in many ways, and safer to use.

SANIFLUID® will remove biofilm from pipes. Biofilm, the slime that accumulates inside pipes, allows for the REVERSE MIGRATION OF BACTERIA.  Besides the contamination of water from the original source, water can be contaminated from the end of the distribution point.  This is a fact most people are not aware of, and it occurs in all sorts of settings and is extremely dangerous particularly in a hospital setting.

SANIFLUID® is probably the safest and most effective chlorine based disinfectant, as it is an hypochlorous acid (HOCl) rich solution, and HOCl is clearly the superior form of chlorine. That is confirmed by several scientific institutions. As an example, we quote ANSES (French national sanitary safety agency, for food, environment and labor):  Document 2014-SA-0053 published May 5, 2015. Our translation: Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is the prevailing type for pH values between 4 and 7.5 and is the most efficient form for disinfection.​


Free available chlorine (FAC) is chlorine dissolved in water. Depending on the pH, there are different types of chlorine in the water. At a pH of 0 we have exclusively chlorine gas (Cl2). The percentage of chlorine gas drops with rising pH, and the level of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) rises. Starting at pH 6 the percentage of OCl- (hypochlorite) rises and HOCl drops. Above pH 9,  hypochlorite is the only form of chlorine in water.

It is important to stress that the lipid structure (cell wall) of the cell membrane is not immune against non polar solutions and is penetrated to a large extent by HOCl. OCl- is much less effective as it is polar. Consequently, the disinfection power of hypochlorite (OCl-) is only approx. 1% that of hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

The reaction of chlorine with nitrogen rich combinations results in harmful byproducts such as chloramines, also called combined chlorines. Chlorine also reacts with organic compounds such as methane, which then result in halogenmethanes. Due to the small doses of SANIFLUID® that are required to disinfect, we can drastically reduce the contents of chloramines and halogenmethanes in the water.

Southland Waters and associated companies stand ready to offer your company the best disinfection solution, improving water quality, reducing risks, and reducing costs. For a solution tailored to your water disinfection or general disinfection needs, please contact us.

Voigtlaender Generator

water disinfection
Water disinfection and general disinfection system

Cost effective

Thorough disinfection

No chemical additives

Friendly to humans, animals and the environment

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