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Over the past several years there has been an increase in the frequency and variety of microbial contaminants found in all types of water ranging from drinking water, industrial process water and water used for beverage processing.

Traditional methods employed to disinfect water include:
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water disinfection
SANIFLUID®: How it works
The Sanifluid
Water disinfection and disinfection in general

1-Reduced operating costs

2-Replaces chlorine and is more efficient

3-Free of chemical additives

4-Ideal for remote locations

5-Eco friendly

6-Multiuse, for water disinfection and disinfection in    general


Combining salt, water, and electricity

-Salt and water are activated by an electrical current to produce a disinfectant

-The disinfectant SANIFLUID, is a HOCl (hypochlorous acid) rich solution

-SANIFLUID® remains stable for extended periods of time

-SANIFLUID® is extremely effective  (>100 times more effective than OCl-)

-SANIFLUID® penetrates the cell membrane by osmosis

-Destroys bacteria and virus from within

-Removes and prevents biofilm (breeding ground for bacteria)

-Always active

Solutions for the beverage industry
The application

Replaces existing disinfection solutions


-Optimizes the cleaning process (3 phases)


-Disinfect with 9-10 ppm HOCl (cold)

-Disinfect with 2 ppm HOCl (cold)

-Rinse with cold water


-Save 100% of external chemicals (caustic soda,



-Save 75% of processing time (90 to 20 minutes) / save water and energy (up to 50%)


-Return on investment in less than 36 months

beer factory disinfection
The filling process hygiene

-Permanently spray 5ppm HOCl during the filling process

-Maintains good filling hygiene for an extended period

-Ensures the safety of the products

-Optimized rinsing

-Foam cleaning with cold water (0.3 ppm HOCl)

-Disinfects with 2 ppm HOCl (cold) -rinsing with cold water (0.3 ppm HOCl)

Reference Design

The system

-SANIFLUID®  150-180 ppm FAC

-200, 300 and 400 liters of SANIFLUID® / hour 

-Clean in situ (syrup room, tanks)

-Cleaning / spray filling

-Installed for more than 18 months

-Almost 50 facilities worldwide

The results (per plant per year)

Saving in materials (acid, caustic soda, additives): 15,000 euros / year

-Save energy: 500,000 kWh / year, equal to 20,000 euros / year

-75% reduction in cleaning time / and production stops

beer plant disinfection
Bottle Rinse (wine)

-Replaces steam disinfection of wine bottles


-Clean with 1.5 ppm HOCl (cold) instead of cleaning with hot water (60- 65 ° C)

-Eliminates steam sterilization

-Save 75% on energy costs (case in Germany: 40,000 euros / year)

water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection

DIN 1276 

DIN 1650 

DIN EN 901/ DIN 19643 – Swimming pool Conformance to WHO Standards 

CE Comformance 

MEBAK Band II 2.10.7 

AOX – Test protocol


Fraport AG,


Saarbrücken Airport 

Mecklenburger Ernte


Tnuva Dairies

Gazit Chicken farm

Millouff Chicken Farms 

University of Iraq

University Hospital

Boecklunder Group

HatchTech B.V.

Frankfurt International Airport

Macao International Airport

Regional Airport 

Salad Producer 


Cottage Cheese and Yoghurt

Poultry breeding

Poultry breeding

Research and development

Würzburg Hospital

Meat Processing plants

Poultry incubation

Drinking water for aircraft 

Drinking Water for aircraft

Drinking water for aircraft 

Salad washing and disinfection

Micro-biological control fresh water 


Drinking water disinfection

Drinking water disinfection

Disinfection applications (potable water) 

Cooling Tower water disinfection 

Disinfection of Process water and cleaning 

Disinfection of water for incubators 

dairy disinfection
water disinfection
dairy disinfection
fish disinfection
aircraft water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
water disinfection
cooling water disinfection
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