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disinfectant and other

medical supplies 



Southland Waters and partner companies provide a wide variety of products and services to the local communities in which we operate.  

From SANIFLUID®, a disinfectant for water and other purposes, to several medical supplies, Southland Waters provides solutions for humanitarian relief, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and government entities. SANIFLUID® is a powerful and safe HOCl based (Hypochlorous acid) disinfectant.  Extensive tests have proven how the active ingredient of SANIFLUID® eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microbes in water, equipment and surfaces.  Studies and tests have indicated that SANIFLUID® can be effective to treat wounds, particularly wounds that are hard to heal. 

An example of items provided include the following:

  • Medical gloves  

  • Syringes

  • Catheters

  • Surgical instruments

  • Testing strips and equipment

Southland Waters and partner companies are committed to the countries in which we operate and have full warehouse and distribution capabilities – we strive to be your provider of choice.


Medical supply operations currently in the following locations:

  1. Sisto International   3400 Mcintosh Road - Port Everglades -Fl 33316 USA

  2. Southland Waters Uruguay - Plaza Cagancha 1356 - 704. 11000 Montevideo Uruguay

  3. Sargon Ltd. Rua das telecomunicações, 18, Maputo, Moçambique
    The FDA has not evaluated SANIFLUID® brand specific claims. The sale and use of SANIFLUID® in each specific market, as well as regulatory issues fall under the responsability of the local company selling the disinfectant.

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