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Hotel Water Disinfection
water disinfection hotels


Over the past several years there has been an increase in the frequency and variety of microbial contaminants found in all types of water ranging from drinking water, industrial process water and water used for recreational purposes. Global travel increases the need for disinfection, in particular in hotels.  Mains water and cooling water are a particular concern. Legionella is probably the most problematic pathogen. Properly used SANIFLUID®, a HOCl based disinfectant,  eliminates legionella, among many other pathogens.

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water disinfection hotels
Traditional methods employed to disinfect water include:
The Sanifluid
Water disinfection and disinfection in general

1-Reduced operating costs

2-Replaces chlorine and is more efficient

3-Free of chemical additives

4-Ideal for remote locations

5-Eco friendly

6-Multiuse, for water disinfection and disinfection in    general

SANIFLUID®: How it works

Combining salt, water, and electricity

-Salt and water are activated by an electrical current to produce a disinfectant

-The disinfectant SANIFLUID®, is a HOCl (hypochlorous acid) rich solution

-SANIFLUID® remains stable for extended periods of time

-SANIFLUID® is  >100 times more effective than OCl- 

-SANIFLUID® penetrates the cell membrane by osmosis

-Destroys bacteria and virus from within

-Removes and prevents biofilm  (breeding ground for bacteria)

-Always active

Disinfection for the Hotel business
Challenges for Hoteliers

-Customer satisfaction

-Highest quality from the guest perspective

-Minimizing health risks

water disinfection hotels
Legal Framework

 Minimizing management liability

 Stricter fulfillment of legal requirements

(Hygiene / Drinking Water)

Return on Investment

 Improvement in occupancy rate

 Significant reduction in operating costs

Sustainable and safe drinking water treatment

-Water with germs (including Legionella, MRSA and Pseudomonas) is completely disinfected

-Existing source of bacterial infections (biofilm) is reliably removed

-Preventing Re-contamination


-The infection risk of guests and therefore the personal liability of the owners will be reduced to practically zero


-Renovation cost of drinking water infrastructure can be reduced


-Hot water temperature can be reduced from 60-65 °C to 45 °C without hygiene problems

-Significant reduction in energy cost for hot water (20 - 30%) Risk of scalding guests is reduced


-Longer life span of the heating system, plumbing and valves due to lower temperatures

-Lower costs for new construction or renovation (savings of 25 -40%)


-Sustainability can be marketed - "Green Hotel"

Innovative and safe disinfection for

swimming pools and spa areas

-Significant reduction in chlorine use with a better grade of disinfection

-No unpleasant odors - no more red eyes

-Automation ensures hygiene and reduced operating expenses and cost

-Significantly lower cost for disinfection (chemicals)

-Suitable for surface cleaning

-Greater safety for guests and staff

Further applications

-Water disinfection in air conditioning and cooling systems

-Surface disinfection in bathrooms and kitchens

-Laundry Hygiene

-Cleaning of waste water 

-Lakes on Golf Courses

-Water Dispensers

Example: Open Air Swimming Pool 

Replace chlorine gas as means to disinfect baby pools at one of Germany's largest water parks. 

Reduce chlorine content to accepted minimum levels. Reduce THM (carcinogenic by products of chlorine and uric acid) 

The system: 

SANIFLUID® is added directly to the circulating water by means of a dosing pump. All parameters are controlled by a in-line measurement and control system. 

The result: 

By dosing with SANIFLUID® the volume of chlorine present in the water is reduced from 0.6mg/l (previously) to 0.1mg/l without impacting the microbiological efficiency as well as meeting the Swimming pool standards for water quality. The results have been confirmed by the University of Kiel.

water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels
water disinfection hotels

DIN 1276 

DIN 1650 

DIN EN 901/ DIN 19643 – Swimming pool Conformance to WHO Standards 

CE Comformance 

MEBAK Band II 2.10.7 

AOX – Test protocol


Fraport AG,


Saarbrücken Airport 

Mecklenburger Ernte


Tnuva Dairies

Gazit Chicken farm

Millouff Chicken Farms 

University of Iraq

University Hospital

Boecklunder Group

HatchTech B.V.

Frankfurt International Airport

Macao International Airport

Regional Airport 

Salad producer 


Cottage cheese and yoghurt

Poultry breeding

Poultry breeding

Research and development

Würzburg Hospital

Meat processing plants

Poultry incubation

Drinking water for aircraft 

Drinking water for aircraft

Drinking water for aircraft 

Salad washing and disinfection

Micro-biological control fresh water 


Drinking water disinfection 

Drinking water disinfection

disinfection applications (potable water) 

Cooling Tower water disinfection 

Disinfection of Process water and cleaning 

Disinfection of water for incubators 

water disinfection dairy
water disinfection
water disinfection dairy
water disinfection fish
water disinfection airport
water disinfection airport
water disinfection
water disinfecton salads
water disinfection cooling system
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