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Portable Desalination Units
Turning Salt Water Into The Best Potable Water

1. There are 1,400 million cubic kilometers of water on earth. However, sea water is the vast majority. Fresh water is only 2.5%, and most of it in the form of glaciers, ice, snow, ice in frozen soil, or hard to reach groundwater.


2. Since 1957 SANSO Electric Co. Ltd. has been manufacturing small size, energy efficient, lightweight motors and pumps for a variety of applications.


3. In 2016 SANSO successfully transformed polluted sea water into potable water. Such potable water meets or exceeds Japan's Drinking  Water Standard 

(51 items), thanks to an unique desalination technology.


The machine is small size, light weight, and energy saving. Furthermore, it is easy to operate, ideal for treating water on an island, yacht, ship.


We can manufacture according to specific customer requirements.


Service is provided by a worldwide network of agents, and through remote internet access.

Typical general desalination units present the following concerns: 


 - High investment 


 - Complicated maintenance


 - Difficult operation


 - Insufficient after sales service


DESALION has none of those drawbacks. It is highly efficient despite its small size and light weight. It is easy to operate and to maintain. The water it produces meets the most stringent water quality requirement in the world:  Japan's Drinking Water Standard.

Japan water standard. The most stringent in the world.

Results of the water quality analysis performed by the Japanese water inspection authority.

Location of equipment in use:  Fishing port  Himeji-city  Hyogo-pr.  Japan

Passed drinking water quality standard




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